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December 15th, 2005
10:45 am


Okay, I've decided to take blogging a wee bit more seriously, but I'm not a Livejournal type guy. I want a lot more strict control over my material and software I use, etc.

So I've set up my own blog at the site that hosts my web pages. I have way more than enough disk space there to spare (4G) and it lets me play with software I need to know for work anyway. Yeah, I get the support provided only by myself, but then, I don't need a lot from elsewhere.

So if you want a look at my new Blog, which has been going for a bit, poke your nose in at http://www.kyth.org/Granite/

There is some kind of little bug that I haven't completely traced out yet on new account log ins, where it for some reason tacks on the root url again after the Url, but if you simply remove the extra www.kyth.org in the name, it will work to log in if you create yourself a registered account.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

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October 19th, 2005
04:41 pm


Anniversary & of things NOT Livejournal-ish
Today is Annette and my wedding anniversary of 20 years. While I am sure that will please several of our Mich friends, we actually are having a blast knowing we're still together after all this time and not a statistic on the downside of marriage.

Anyway, Not really liking Livejournal much, and because people in other communities have pressed me to start a blog of my own.... and because I've got the space, the wherewithal, and the tools, I have finally broken down and created my own little Blog site for myself.

That's right. You can find it right here by clicking on the link. Or... if you wish, you can click on this link to reach my home web pages, which in turn has both a link to the blog, plus the bonus link to my tribute page to Annette I wrote for her.

And if that's not enough fun... I put over 50 pictures into the little random picture window in the upper right hand corner to annoy people with. :) I must have gone crazy.

Why my own blog at my site instead of using software someone else is supporting you ask? Well it is you ask that. Principle reason is I'm a control freak (remember?) and this way everything is in my hands to manipulate. I don't have to pay somewhere for extra features I can just build on myself. I can fix the database myself, and if I want, I can write customized code for any part of it. That doesn't mean I will, but it is possible. PLUS, I won't have to argue over the legalities of who owns what I write if it's on my site instead of someone else's whose policies can change pretty much without much notice (or with notice I could miss or overlook).

I'm a stubborn cuss this way. What can I say.

Best to all youse out dere.


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September 4th, 2005
02:38 pm


Amusing bit
These wouldn't be so funny if they weren't so close to... er... home. so to speak.

General Android Responsible for Yelling

Artificial Networked Neohuman Engineered for Troubleshooting and Thorough Exploration

Digital Artificial Nullification and Negotiation Youth

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July 22nd, 2005
08:31 am


Well, at least one columnist is calling it Treason
Okay, I've just finished going through tons of written material on Karl Rove and the leaking of Valerie Plame's name as a CIA Operative. I'd note the law making it treasonable to release the name of a covert operative working for the CIA was a big Republican push when it went through.

It's hard to look at this scandal in the same light as many others where the harm didn't involve risks to the nation's security. At this point, I'm apalled at Bush's retreat from his statement that anyone involved in the leak would be fired to anyone convicted would be fired. Of course anyone convicted will be fired. You can't serve in a position at the White House if you've been convicted, so what Bush is saying now is merely that he's not accountable unless thoroughly caught with his pants down.

Ted Rall has a column that points out the Republicans must pick between Bush or America now. His major point is that Rove claimed that all he did was confirm what Cooper already knew about Plame (Ambassador Wilson's wife, the CIA operative). Yet Cooper points out flatly this was the first he'd heard of her, which makes mentioning her name to him clearly releasing the name of a covert operative working for the CIA.

Rall believes there's a clear tie both to Bush and to Cheney for this leak as well. And well he should. No administration can claim that key advisors such as Rove and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff) would perform such a clear violation of the law without their boss's knowing about it.

Of course, the only thing more frightening than if in fact Bush & Cheney both were found guilty of such acts is who would sit in the oval office after an impeachment (the only way you can try the sitting president & vice president).

Go look up the Presidential line of succession, it's the Speaker of the House. At the moment, that's the Republican Illinois Congresscritter Dennis Hastert. Never hear anything about him? Don't be surprised. It remains if Bush & Cheney were incapable of running the country, he'd be the one to take the oath of office next.

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July 20th, 2005
09:14 am


Here we go again
After finding yet another article on the inequity of the Electoral College (find it here but the NY Times requires a pretty harmless registration process if you don't already have an account), I'm once again on edge favoring abolishing the archaic process as being out of touch with the realities of population growth since the time of the founders.

It's apparent to me that the founders were working hard to provide some comfort to the wealthy powerful people at the time of the constitution, and to sooth the nerves of those persons who thought their individual states would be subsumed by the union.

But in a larger sense, the US now has some 300 million citizens, and the actual borders of the states are close to meaningless. The real purpose of the electoral college at this point is no longer to provide assurance each state is properly represented in the process, but is a tool & mechanism in political gamesmanship.

It's akin to a fancy form of gerrymandering that no longer meshes with any particular reality and undermines the actual population based vote. George W Bush lost the popular vote the first time he ran by a couple million votes, but won it the second time by a somewhat narrower margin.

Some pundits have speculated the second time around the numbers changed because of a defeatist viewpoint among some who'd voted against him the first time when the popular vote swung against him and yet he was elected.

Regardless of the cause, there's a number of awkward anachronisms built into the electoral college. The article cited above mentions the deadlock issue for instance and the one vote per state mechanism that equates California to Wyoming despite the obvious disparity in every sense from population to economic contribution.

But there's other flaws as well, such as electors not being legally bound to vote as promised because supposedly they know better than the citizens (did you know they could actually choose to elect someone president who hadn't even been running once they fail to elect on the first round of their voting?).

It's time to start the process to abolish the Electoral College.

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July 8th, 2005
12:22 pm


Afterthoughts of London and New York
Once again a set of criminals attack, and the British describe them as just that, criminals. George Bush describes them as Terrorists who we are at war with, elevating them from the sewage of those whose lives are lived in the desperation of dragging others down to the violent level they choose for themselves.

It is shameful we've chosen to act as if criminals are a force to equate with national interest, with agendas that resonate with meaning and value instead of treating them as they merit.

Yet that is just what we've done, initiated military action to chase after one man we have yet to see hide nor hair of, and a full blown war to unseat a petty dictator whose greatest threat was to his own people, who may even now be contributing in large numbers to the ranks of those criminal militants. And the answer from our leadership is that the Iraqi insurgency is in it's "last throes".

Fat chance when the battle is carried to distant shores in London.

Here we mourn the dead of all the battlefields, even the dead criminals, for every soul lost should be mourned. By no means should anyone roll over to acede to the demands of any organized crime syndicate.

But also the rest of our society should never be reduced to being treated as potential criminals simply because the real criminals are hard to catch. Our current efforts have created too many laws that can be used easily as tools of authoritarianism, instead of tools to merely liberate us from these violent criminals. Freedom of movement, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, due legal processes, and a freedom from the fear of being constantly watched by our own government should be rights, not privileges.

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June 20th, 2005
12:19 pm


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June 8th, 2005
12:45 pm


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June 6th, 2005
04:39 pm


Pronouns for Bloggers

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June 2nd, 2005
03:35 am


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