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Anniversary & of things NOT Livejournal-ish - Once Upon a Time
October 19th, 2005
04:41 pm


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Anniversary & of things NOT Livejournal-ish
Today is Annette and my wedding anniversary of 20 years. While I am sure that will please several of our Mich friends, we actually are having a blast knowing we're still together after all this time and not a statistic on the downside of marriage.

Anyway, Not really liking Livejournal much, and because people in other communities have pressed me to start a blog of my own.... and because I've got the space, the wherewithal, and the tools, I have finally broken down and created my own little Blog site for myself.

That's right. You can find it right here by clicking on the link. Or... if you wish, you can click on this link to reach my home web pages, which in turn has both a link to the blog, plus the bonus link to my tribute page to Annette I wrote for her.

And if that's not enough fun... I put over 50 pictures into the little random picture window in the upper right hand corner to annoy people with. :) I must have gone crazy.

Why my own blog at my site instead of using software someone else is supporting you ask? Well it is you ask that. Principle reason is I'm a control freak (remember?) and this way everything is in my hands to manipulate. I don't have to pay somewhere for extra features I can just build on myself. I can fix the database myself, and if I want, I can write customized code for any part of it. That doesn't mean I will, but it is possible. PLUS, I won't have to argue over the legalities of who owns what I write if it's on my site instead of someone else's whose policies can change pretty much without much notice (or with notice I could miss or overlook).

I'm a stubborn cuss this way. What can I say.

Best to all youse out dere.


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Date:October 24th, 2005 05:17 pm (UTC)
Happy anniversary! And the best 20 years of marriage are yet to come :-)

Chad and I went to see "Sleeping beauty" ballet by Kirov theater (one of the best ballet company in Russia). I wish you and Kira were able to see, it was absolutely fantastic. We paid particular attention to kids who were involved in the ballet, of course.
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