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Afterthoughts of London and New York - Once Upon a Time
July 8th, 2005
12:22 pm


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Afterthoughts of London and New York
Once again a set of criminals attack, and the British describe them as just that, criminals. George Bush describes them as Terrorists who we are at war with, elevating them from the sewage of those whose lives are lived in the desperation of dragging others down to the violent level they choose for themselves.

It is shameful we've chosen to act as if criminals are a force to equate with national interest, with agendas that resonate with meaning and value instead of treating them as they merit.

Yet that is just what we've done, initiated military action to chase after one man we have yet to see hide nor hair of, and a full blown war to unseat a petty dictator whose greatest threat was to his own people, who may even now be contributing in large numbers to the ranks of those criminal militants. And the answer from our leadership is that the Iraqi insurgency is in it's "last throes".

Fat chance when the battle is carried to distant shores in London.

Here we mourn the dead of all the battlefields, even the dead criminals, for every soul lost should be mourned. By no means should anyone roll over to acede to the demands of any organized crime syndicate.

But also the rest of our society should never be reduced to being treated as potential criminals simply because the real criminals are hard to catch. Our current efforts have created too many laws that can be used easily as tools of authoritarianism, instead of tools to merely liberate us from these violent criminals. Freedom of movement, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, due legal processes, and a freedom from the fear of being constantly watched by our own government should be rights, not privileges.

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