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Well, at least one columnist is calling it Treason - Once Upon a Time
July 22nd, 2005
08:31 am


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Well, at least one columnist is calling it Treason
Okay, I've just finished going through tons of written material on Karl Rove and the leaking of Valerie Plame's name as a CIA Operative. I'd note the law making it treasonable to release the name of a covert operative working for the CIA was a big Republican push when it went through.

It's hard to look at this scandal in the same light as many others where the harm didn't involve risks to the nation's security. At this point, I'm apalled at Bush's retreat from his statement that anyone involved in the leak would be fired to anyone convicted would be fired. Of course anyone convicted will be fired. You can't serve in a position at the White House if you've been convicted, so what Bush is saying now is merely that he's not accountable unless thoroughly caught with his pants down.

Ted Rall has a column that points out the Republicans must pick between Bush or America now. His major point is that Rove claimed that all he did was confirm what Cooper already knew about Plame (Ambassador Wilson's wife, the CIA operative). Yet Cooper points out flatly this was the first he'd heard of her, which makes mentioning her name to him clearly releasing the name of a covert operative working for the CIA.

Rall believes there's a clear tie both to Bush and to Cheney for this leak as well. And well he should. No administration can claim that key advisors such as Rove and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff) would perform such a clear violation of the law without their boss's knowing about it.

Of course, the only thing more frightening than if in fact Bush & Cheney both were found guilty of such acts is who would sit in the oval office after an impeachment (the only way you can try the sitting president & vice president).

Go look up the Presidential line of succession, it's the Speaker of the House. At the moment, that's the Republican Illinois Congresscritter Dennis Hastert. Never hear anything about him? Don't be surprised. It remains if Bush & Cheney were incapable of running the country, he'd be the one to take the oath of office next.

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